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Don’t Stress to Spend Money!

Don’t Stress to Spend Money!


You stressed to earn money. Why should you stress again to spend it?


Imagine a situation if you are trapped in traffic on Lagos roads, for example. Think about the time you would spend trying to navigate. You could spend hours commuting from one place to another. The situation is even worse when your car is “bashed” by another reckless driver. You take all these trouble in a bid purchase just one item. The experience could be hectic and stressful most of the time especially for busy nerds and professionals. Also, you have no assurance that after all the troubles, the shop will still have the item you seek.


The time and energy you would expend could be better put into productive use or leisure. I am sure you would not want that stress for yourself. So we have compiled 10 reasons why you should shop online.


1. Do it at leisure. It’s convenient.

Convenience of shopping anytime, 24/7 from any location sounds so interesting and irresistible.  You have more time to focus on other important engagements rather than spend productive hours strutting from one shop to another; and from one market to another. Online shopping is here to mitigate all that for you. From the comfort of your home or office or any location at all, you can buy everything you need and get them delivered to you. Isn’t that amazing? You need all the time you have to commit to other interests of yours. At Latalata, shopping has been simplified; user-friendly website, easy navigation, affordable products, excellent customers services, and much more.


2. Time is money. Don’t waste time-money.

There is traffic all over the city. Please, where are you going to?

Seriously, you need time to concentrate on your work and other interests. Shopping should not be a time-wasting sweaty experience. Moving from one home to the mall, and then from one store to another, or touring around the market “kills” time. One major advantage of online shopping is that no matter how long your list and the size of your budget, you can execute all in simple clicks.


3. Better prices. It’s best when you pay less to get more.

Shopping online affords shoppers the opportunity to compare prices and get competitive deals. There are people who are price sensitive and are always looking for the best price possible. With online shopping you can compare prices of same products from different sellers/ platforms at the same time. This helps you make informed decision on your purchases. Having access to information on who is offering what at a particular time is readily available online as most online stores offers great offers from time to time.


4. More variety. More options. The more the merrier.

Looking for varieties of items to buy? It can only be possible via online shopping. Against the laborious way of moving from one physical store to another, online shopping makes it easier for you to see and choose from the gamut of items on display from different stores at the same time. There is a lot to see to make your decision from.


5. Send items to distant locations? Not too far.

Gifting friends, relatives, colleagues and acquaintances can be done from the get-go, from the convenience of your couch. Shopping online has made sending and receiving gifts a lot more interesting and possible from any location. If you are sending, all you need do is make your choices of what to gift, make your orders, input the receiver details, checkout, and make payments online. Viola! The delivery companies will take care of the packaging and deliver to your specified location, anywhere, even to remote places.


6. Price Comparison and Products Review. Kingship established.

You must have been told before. You are the King! Yes, the customer is. Access to collage of information online has further enthroned customers. They now know with pin-point accuracy and fingers snap the trending products, hot deals of the moments, poorly reviewed/ sought after products, the list goes on. Product reviews and price comparison have further given customers the sword to divide and rule as they are major factors that inform buyers’ decisions. With online shopping, you would know all you want without having to pester anybody. On the other hands, it helps online sellers get customer feedback and work towards improving on challenging areas.


7. No crowds. Easy in, easy out.

Not everyone likes to be shuffled in queues and crowds in shopping malls or markets. It can be hectic and exhausting most of the times. With the cry for social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic (as at the time of this article), staying away from crowded places is gold. As people are advised to stay safe indoors, getting what they need could only happen online.


8. Easy product return/refund. Because we want to be trusted.

With shopping online, you have the option of returning defective or wrong described products with ease. These are part of the requirements and structures put in place by the online store operators to gain and boost customers trust and interest. There are times purchased products do not match the description of online store items displayed, at this point, you can get a replacement or a refund regardless if you paid online, via bank transfer, or cash on delivery. No matter the format of payment, you are entitled to complain about products you are not happy with so long as you are being sincere and open in the process.


9. Deals, discounts, bonuses. Even the wealthy wants something off or extra

Except you want to limit yourself and pay more then, don’t shop online. Shoppers get thrilled at the sound of discounts, freebies, subsidized shipping costs, etc. These perks are mostly given out by online stores. Sellers use it as a bait to attract more buyers and boost sales and also in order to remain active and relevant on the online space.


10. Privacy. There are items even the seller shouldn’t know you purchased

Shopping can be personal and exclusive for some people. Shopping online gives you the opportunity to experience your privacy while shopping. No one has to pry into what you are buying not even the sellers can snoop on you as you surf and sample items on the online store front. 



Final word. So we are all on the same page.

Shopping online is a great way to get things done effectively and live easy life. The benefits of shopping online are quite enormous. The earlier you start taking advantage of it, the better you become at it and the more you enjoy the paybacks it offers.


Below is an online research done by KPMG in 2017. The statistics validates the point we have made to encourage you to start shopping online.