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Return Policy

Latalata offers a 7 days window within which items delivered can be returned if they do not meet the buyers’ specification. Also, the products must meet our requirements below to qualify for returns. Please note that the 7 days duration is D+6 where D is the delivery date.


Kindly use the Returns link. To get this, sign in to your account then click My Account > Order History. Select the order containing the product you want to return. Scroll to the product table and click the return button (shown below).

You can also send us an email ( to log your return. 


How to Return

1.  Send in a Complaint (either by signing in to your account or via email). If sending via e-mail, it must contain the following details:

(a) Order number

(b) Type of product

(c) The product model number

(d) Reason for return

(e) A picture of the product


2.  Wait for Our Authorization

We will review your complaint and advise you the best means of returning. This would normally take 24hours. Our authorization and mode of return would vary depending on how the order was placed; whether it was post-paid (cash on delivery, instalments, etc.) or pre-paid (full amount bank transfer or online. payment).


3.  Return Item

For post-paid orders, we would pre-inform the merchant of the return and avail you their details. The logistics and the claim would be handled directly by you without any further obligation on Latalata.


However, if it the product was pre-paid, Latalata would follow through the return process and negotiate with the merchant for a resolution.


4.  Track Return

For products pre-paid, we will avail you a return waybill number that will enable you track the progress. We will also keep in touch with you.



Non-eligible Items

1. Products that have been altered from their original or opened by authorized personnel without permission.

2. Product with tampered or missing serial Universal Product Code numbers (UPC).

3. Perishable goods cannot be returned except a valid reason is raised at the point of delivery with affirmation from the dispatcher.

4. Products damaged due to misuse.

5. Products in beauty, health and personal care category.

6. Jewelry, innerwear, bed sheets, lingerie and socks.

7. Books, CDs, Gift cards, Downloadable software products

8. Items with missing accessories and/or accompaniments

Refunds (if applicable)

Resolution of return disputes may range from replacement to refund and all other possibilities between these. Where refund need to be done, you will be informed and a coupon will be issued to you.

Only regular priced items may be refunded. Unfortunately, products enlisted for sales or ordered on instalment payment cannot be refunded. Other resolution possibilities would be explored.


If the item being returned was marked as a gift when purchased and shipped directly to you, you'll receive a gift credit (a voucher) for the value of your return. If the item wasn't marked as a gift when purchased, or the gift giver had the order shipped to them before it was delivered to you later, we will send a refund to the gift giver.


For product ordered as post-paid, where the buyer has reached a refund agreement with the merchant, the merchant would refund to Latalata before we refund the buyer following the guidelines above. However, such refunds would be less by the original shipping cost.


For post-paid orders, the full cost and logistics of shipping returns would be borne by the buyer. Latalata would follow through returns only for products pre-paid for at the time of ordering.

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