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Instalment Purchase Terms

This Terms & Conditions govern your participation in the Latalata Instalment Payment Scheme (the “scheme”, “plan”).


The words “Latalata”, “We”, “us”, “our” means LATALATA and KISHERS LIMITED or any of its affiliate companies, including but not limited to Latalata. “You” or “your” means the customer. The word “site” means a website. “Latalata Site” means any or all of the following sites:, and other sub-domains we may activate in the future.


By checking out with a product under this scheme (labelled “INSTALMENT PAYMENT”) in your shopping cart, you have agreed to the terms and guide contained in this document.



How it works




This product is designed to allow employees of private and public sectors (mostly in Lagos) to purchase items on Latalata and pay in three (3) instalments.


Ordering customer must be a staff of an organisation with an organized Human Resource unit.


Customers who are not qualified, or who work/ reside outside Lagos, but wish to purchase items on instalment would be required to contact a qualified family/ friend/ colleague in Lagos to make the purchase on their behalf.


Classification of Order

For instalment payment purchases, request received are classed as intention to purchase. It is only after customer is verified that we may class such as an order.


Customer Details

  • Ensure the details you supply are accurate.
  • Ensure there is consistency in names. The ordering customer’s name should be the same as the payment name, the initial transfer bank account name, as well as the cheques issued for the last two instalments.
  • Customer is advised to use a bank transfer method that will allow his/her names appear on the transfer remarks. This is necessary for easy tracking of deposits as well as verification.



You are required to upload the following documents when adding the plan to your shopping cart:

  • passport photograph,
  • work ID card, and
  • a valid government ID (any of driver’s licence, international passport, national ID, or permanent voter’s card)


Penalties for Improper Documentation

Where documents and/or information supplied are wrong, fake, and/or unverifiable, we may deduct operation and/or bank fees/costs from the initial deposit and return the balance to your bank account.


Salary Requirement

Customers can buy products up to 160% of their monthly salary. You may be required to provide an evidence to show you earn above 59.99% of the price of the product you intend to purchase.


Verification Duration

Verification may take up to two (2) working days.


Changes within Verification Period

Changes in product prices, shipping cost, and other costs associated with such orders between when intention to purchase is received and when customer is verified may apply to the customer and his/her order.


Where there are changes in order total within the verification phase, the customer reserve the right to accept the new price or cancel the order.


Where the customer accepts the price/costs prevailing after verification, he/she would make an additional bank transfer of the increment as will be advised by/ agreed with Latalata.


Where customer decides to cancel order, administrative and operational costs associated with customer verification may be deducted, and the balance transferred to the customer’s bank account.


Order Processing and Delivery

We will process shipping of the orders after verification has been satisfactorily completed, and where necessary, the customer has also agreed to pay increments in prices and/or other costs that occurred within the verification period.


All things being equal, items would be delivered within 2-5 days after verification (and acceptance by customer) has been done.


Returns and Warranties vis-à-vis Instalment Payments

Brand owners of products sold by Latalata are committed to returns and warranties. Should there be a case where products purchased under our instalment payment scheme develop issues, our return policy will become enforced and the brand owners would perform their warranty policies to resolve the issue.


None of these processes shall cause the customer to delay or stop his/her payments at the pre-agreed date when they become due. Please see our Return Policy.


Instalment on Instalment

A customer who has an outstanding instalment obligation with Latalata may be denied a request to buy another item(s) on instalment payment basis. The customer may be advised to either:

  • Clear the outstanding obligation before making a new request, or
  • Make the new purchase on full payment


Cheques, Account Balance, and Reminders

Cheques issued by customer shall be deposited on or after the date stated on the cheques. We may send reminder SMS notifications. However, we are not under any obligation to send such SMS.


Customers are advised to ensure that their CURRENT bank accounts are funded to settle the value of their cheques.


Debt Recovery

You authorize Latalata to use any means within its disposal to compel you to pay your instalments where your cheque is returned unpaid. Such means include but not limited to reporting to your employer, visiting you at your office and/or home, etc.


Debt Recovery Expenses/ Costs

Should you default in settling outstanding obligations and/or instalments, recovery expenses by Latalata will accrue. You shall be required to pay such outstanding balance(s)/ instalments plus such advised accruals.


Re-Possession of Items

Latalata will not re-possess items sold. All outstanding obligations shall be paid for in monetary terms to Latalata via cheques, bank drafts, or bank transfers.

General Note

Latalata reserve the rights to change/ amend the terms and conditions of this scheme at any time without prior notice to the customer. Such change/ amendment would be applied on all customers, including those with outstanding instalment obligation with Latalata. 


Further Enquiries

If you have any questions on this scheme or any other of our services, please reach out to us via: